Cell & Tissue Culture

Cell Culture – Happy Cell® Kit #2: General Purpose Scale-Up (Vale Life Sciences)

Happy Cell® General Purpose Scale-Up Kit #2 is a complete kit for culturing cells in Happy Cell ASM using 50 mL Bioreactors The Happy Cell® ASM General Purpose Scale Up kit #2 is a simple […]

Cell Culture – Happy Cell® Kits: Trial Kit #1 (Vale Life Sciences)

Vale Happy Cell® Trial Kit #1 Happy Cell Trial Kit #1 is designed to allow the researcher to conduct proof of principle experiments with Happy Cell to understand its properties, how it works and to […]

Cell Culture Macrocarriers – BioNOC™ II (ESCO VacciXcell)

BioNOC™ II – The Heart of Tide Motion Bioreactors BioNOC™ II is a macroporous carrier that supports the growth of anchorage-dependent cells including animal, mammalian, and insect cells in either serum-containing or serum-free culture media. […]

Cell Culture Nanoslide & Microplates (Vale Life Sciences)

Nanoslide (Catalog # VHPNS) The Vale Nanoslide allows for ultra miniaturisation of assays and has been developed to have the same functionality as a standard microtiter plate. Open plate design allows for free diffusion of […]

Cell Culture Pipettes – Serological (Trueline)

Serological Pipettes are polystyrene, non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic. Sterile pipettes have fine graduations and are available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 25mL sizes.  

Cell Culture Plates – sterile (Trueline)

Cell Culture Plates are sterile, clear polystyrene which have surface for cell attachment. Individually labelled wells with lid to allow gas exchange. Available in a range of sizes and quantity.  

Cell Isolation – Fab-TACS® Isolation Kits (IBA LifeSciences)

Fab-TACS® Gravity – Get highly pure cell populations within a few convenient steps The Fab-based traceless affinity cell selection (Fab-TACS®) technology utilizes a non-magnetic and fully reversible column-based immune affinity chromatography for cell isolation. The […]

Coverslips for Cell Culture – No Coating, No Treatment (neuVitro)

German glass Cell Culture Coverslips in original box without treatment Microscope CE certifed Coverslips for cell culture and IHC (Immunohistochemistry) are available as follows: Round shape for Cell Culture, no coating, no treatment, Assistent® and […]

Coverslips for Cell Culture – Pre-treated, Pre-Coated (neuVitro)

German Glass Coverslips with coated substrates are sterile and ready to use Microscope Assistent® CE certified crystal clear Pre-coated Coverglasses are ideal for cell culture and high quality confocal fluorescence microscopy. Poly-D-Lysine coated round glass […]

Dyes & Stains, Fix Cell Surface Staining- MemBrite® (Biotium)

MemBrite® is available in a wide choice of dye colors for covalent staining the surface of live cells to conveniently visualize cell boundaries in immunofluorescence experiments MemBrite® Fix Cell Surface Staining Kits provide a convenient […]

Dyes & Stains, Fluorescence staining- CellBrite™ Steady (Biotium)

CellBrite™ Steady – Cell surface staining kits with fluorescent membrane dye plus enhancer for imaging live cell surface for several hours to days CellBrite® Steady Membrane Staining Kits allow fluorescence imaging of cell surface for […]

Dyes & Stains – Near-Infrared Fluorescent (Biotium)

Near-Infrared CF™ Dyes (near-IR, NIR) are ideal for in vivo fluorescence imaging, and highly sensitive multiplex Western blotting and In-Cell Western™ assays NIR CF™ dye advantages include: Brightness Photostable Water soluble pH Insensitive Compatible with […]