Select BioProducts

Fisher Biotec are an Australian Distributor of the Select BioProducts range of products

Select BioProducts are a US based company who offer a comprehensive range of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment and Plastics for the research laboratory. The product range includes Centrifuges; Thermal Cyclers, Dry Block Heaters; Electrophoresis Systems; Incubators / Shakers; Microcentrifuges;  Mixers / Rockers; Pipettors; Tumblers; Vortex Mixers; and Water Baths.


FREE Dry Block/Blocks with any purchase of a digital DRY BATH

Heated Digital Dry Baths, free block/s offer – from only $750 ex-GST When you purchase any Select BioProducts digital Dry Bath, you can choose your FREE block/blocks – see flyer for more details.  Heated, digital […]

SPECIAL OFFER: Microcentrifuges from $340*

Thinking Microcentrifugation? ‘Spin down’ and prepare your samples with these easy to operate Microcentrifuges from Select BioProducts Force Mini – Personal Mini Centrifuge – normally $409, now just $340 (ex-GST) SelectSpin™ 21 Air Cooled Microcentrifuge […]

Centrifuge – General Purpose: Spectra 6C (Select BioProducts)

The SelectSpin™ Spectra 6C Compact General Purpose Centrifuge  is designed for performing blood and other basic separations in the research laboratory Supplied complete with rotor, it accepts 6 x 15mL conical and 6 x 10mL […]

Centrifuge – Mini Plate: SelectSpin™ (Select BioProducts)

The SelectSpin™ Plate Centrifuge is a personal centrifuge for quick centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates The SelectSpin centrifuge is designed to be extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and rotor […]

Centrifuge – Personal: Force Mini™ SBC140 (Select BioProducts)

The Force Mini™ Centrifuge is a personal centrifuge that is ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes The centrifuge was designed to be extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and […]

Cycler – Thermal: SuperCycler™ II (Select BioProducts)

SuperCycler™ II Thermal Cycler utilizes FlexTemp technology The SuperCycler II utilizes FlexTemp technology that effectively separates the 96 well plate into 6 (4 x 4) temperature regions that allow you to choose the temperatures. The […]

Dry Block Heater – Digital SBD-1301, 1302, 1304 (Select BioProducts)

Digital Block Heaters are available in single, dual and 4 block capacity and have a variety of interchangeable blocks Digital block heaters have a broad temperature range, up to 150°C and excellent uniformity make these […]

Microtube Storage Boxes (Select BioProducts)

100 Place Microtube Storage Boxes can withstand freezing (to -80°C) and autoclaving The 3- point hinge maintains its integrity during repeated use. A positive catch keeps the lid securely fastened. The translucent lid is alphanumerically […]

Microtube Workstation Rack (Select BioProducts)

Microtube Workstation Support Racks are ideal for organising your samples The two levels and wide spacing provide easy sample access and visibility. The racks are molded from durable, autoclavable, polypropylene, and have non-skid rubber feet.

Electrophoresis (Gel) System – Horizontal: MiniGel (Select BioProducts)

The Mini Gel II Electrophoresis System makes casting gels quick and easy The compact designed Mini Gel II Electrophoresis System has a 150V power supply that connects directly into the gel box, eliminating tangled leads. […]

Electrophoresis (Gel) Systems – Vertical & Horizontal (Select BioProducts)

The complete range of Vertical and Horizontal Gel Units provide innovative solutions for fast and affordable electrophoresis The Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis systems offer an extensive range of combs and accessories and are ideal for most […]

Incubator Shaker – IncuMix™ (Select BioProducts)

The IncuMix™ Incubator Shaker simultaneously heats and mixes small samples The IncuMix™ Incubator Shaker has interchangeable platforms for both microtubes and microplates. Both temperature and shaking speed are adjustable over a broad range. For static […]