Select BioProducts

Fisher Biotec are an Australian Distributor of the Select BioProducts range of products

Select BioProducts are a US based company who offer a comprehensive range of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment and Plastics for the research laboratory.


Microcentrifuges – SBC140: Force Mini (Select BioProducts)

The Force Mini is a personal sized benchtop centrifuge ideal for microfiltration, quick spin downs and low speed centrifugation The Force Mini requires a minimum of bench space. It is easily transported from the bench […]

Plate Spinner Centrifuge – SelectSpin™: Mini (Select BioProducts)

The SelectSpin™ Plate Centrifuge is designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates The unique design of the SelectSpin is a compact centrifuge that has an extremely small footprint […]