MUN Australia

Fisher Biotec are an Australian Distributor for the MUN Australia range of GloveOn® gloves

MUN manufacture a range of high quality disposable Latex and Nitrile Gloves; Hand Care Range: PrimeOn®; and Personal Protective Equipment: PrimeOn™ used in a variety of applications, in health care and the science industries.



Gloves – Nitrile and Latex Range: GloveOn® (MUN)

The MUN range of GloveOn® gloves are a premium name in hand protection GloveOn gloves are engineered with the greatest precision, reliability and attention to detail. Available in Nitrile and Latex ranges. See the new […]

Hand Care Range: PrimeOn® (MUN)

The PrimeOn® Hand Care range includes Handwash, Sanitiser and Moisturiser The PrimeOn® Handwash should be used when hands are visibly dirty or contaminated with proteinaceous materials, such as blood or bodily fluids. Using the hand […]

Personal Protective Equipment: PrimeOn™ (MUN)

The PrimeOn™ Facial Protection range includes Face Masks and Face Shields. Face masks are latex free, available in different styles and two colors and meet Australian Standard AS4381-2015. The PrimeOn™ Protective Apparel range includes Head Wear […]