Labnet International

Labnet International is a leading worldwide supplier in a number of core product areas: centrifugation, liquid handling, shakers and rockers, constant temperature equipment, and laboratory plastics.

Plate Spinner Centrifuge – MPS 1000: Mini (Labnet)

The MPS 1000 Microplate Spinner is designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates The unique design of the Mini Plate Spinner is a compact centrifuge that has an […]

Power Supplies: Electrophoresis: ENDURO™ (Labnet)

The ENDURO™ Power Supplies are ideal for DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis as well as blotting ENDURO™ Power Supplies provide a high degree of sophistication and versatility yet are extremely easy to use. Three models […]

Rocker – 35 EZ: Large capacity, Analog (Labnet)

The 35 EZ Large Capacity Lab Rocker is designed for durability and precise control The Rocker 35 EZ is the next generation large capacity lab rocker. This upgraded Rocker 35 is designed for durability in […]

Rockers – ProBlot™25 & 25XL: Economy Model (Labnet)

The ProBlot™ Economy Rockers 25 and 25XL are high capacity rockers designed for durability The Economy Rockers, ProBlot™ 25 and 25XL high capacity bench rockers, are basic bench rocking platforms that have been designed for […]

Rotator – Lab Roller™: H5000, H5100, Roller Mixer (Labnet)

The LabRoller™ Laboratory Roller Mixer/Rotators are ideal for a wide range of applications on the bench or in temperature controlled environments Two versions of the LabRoller Rotators are available. The standard model (H5000) accepts rotisseries, […]

Rotator – Mini Lab Roller™: Dual Format (Labnet)

The Mini Lab Roller™ Rotator is a simple versatile lab roller ideal for biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical testing or histochemistry Simple, yet versatile, the end over end tube rotator Mini LabRoller™ Rotator is designed for […]

Rotator/Mixer – Revolver™: 360° (Labnet)

The Revolver™ Adjustable lab sample rotator accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between The Revolver™ lab rotator can be used in ambient temperatures from +4°C to […]

Shaker – GyroTwister™ GX-1000: 3D, Laboratory (Labnet)

GyroTwister™ 3D Laboratory Shaker is perfect for general mixing, staining gels, hybridization and other applications The three dimensional shaking motion of the GyroTwister™ GX-1000 is extremely efficient, yet gentle, making this shaker ideal for general […]

Shaker – Orbit™ 1000: Multipurpose, Digital (Labnet)

Orbit™ 1000 Multipurpose Digital Shaker meets a variety of shaking and mixing applications with a four platform configuration The Orbit 1000 has single and double flat platforms to hold trays, plates and dishes. The double […]

Shaker – Orbit™ 1900: High Capacity (Labnet)

Orbit™ 1900 High Capacity Laboratory Shaker is designed for continuous use and heavy loads The Orbit 1900 is a large high capacity continuous operation shaker. Its solid construction and counter balanced drive system provide vibration […]

Shaker – Orbit™ LS: Laboratory, Analog: (Labnet)

Orbit™ LS is a low speed, high quality, general purpose shaker with economical analog control The Orbit LS features a streamlined, compact design with easy-access control panel. Electronic controls are utilized for setting speed and […]

Shaker – Pro 30: Laboratory, Reciprocal (Labnet)

The Pro 30 Laboratory Reciprocal Shaker has a small footprint and features an easy-access control panel The Pro 30 shaker features a left to right linear action to provide gentle to vigorous shaking. Four platform […]