Labnet International

Labnet International is a leading worldwide supplier in a number of core product areas: centrifugation, liquid handling, shakers and rockers, constant temperature equipment, and laboratory plastics.

Incubator (Mini) – Microbiology & Hematology (Labnet)

The Mini Microbiology & Hematology Incubator is a compact, economically priced mini incubator The compact Mini Incubator is designed for personal use and within small laboratories. The unit features a broad temperature range to meet […]

Microcentrifuges – Prism™ C2500/C2500R: Air-Cooled & Refrigerated (Labnet)

The Prism™ and Prism™ R microcentrifuges feature powerful brushless motors and an intuitive control panel Prism™ Air-Cooled, Ambient Microcentrifuge (C2500) The Prism™ ambient microcentrifuge is designed to keep samples close to ambient temperature, even when […]

Microcentrifuges – C1601: Mini (Labnet)

The Mini Microcentrifuge C1601 are a personal benchtop microcentrifuge ideal for quick spin-downs of your most important samples Simple and convenient to operate, the new mini microcentrifuges feature greater capacity (8 place MCT and 4 […]

Microcentrifuge – Spectrafuge™ 16M: High Speed (Labnet)

The Spectrafuge™ 16M Microcentrifuge is a high speed, compact microcentrifuge perfect for DNA applications The Spectrafuge™ 16M brushless laboratory microcentrifuge can produce a maximum of 16,000 x g, and it is the ideal unit for […]

Microcentrifuge – Spectrafuge™ 24D: Digital (Labnet)

The Spectrafuge™ 24D Microcentrifuge has an exclusive multiflow air cooling system and easy access rotor The Spectrafuge™ 24D combines innovations such as a unique, easy access rotor, exclusive multi-flow air cooling system and high-performance drive […]

Mixer, 3D – Enduro™ MiniMix: Nutating (Labnet)

The Enduro™ MiniMix Nutating Mixer combines the motions of an orbital shaker and a rocker to produce three dimensional action The pitch and speed of the ENDURO™ MiniMix are fixed to provide the optimal conditions […]

Ovens – ProBlot™6 & 12: Hybridization (Labnet)

The ProBlot™ 6 and 12 Hybridization Ovens utilize the proven rotisserie method for hybridization The rotisserie and incubation system in the ProBlot ovens provides the perfect conditions for consistent results with low background. Mechanical convection […]

Pipette Controllers – FastPette™ Pro and V2 (Labnet)

The FastPette™ Pro Pipette Controller is lightweight, ergonomically shaped and designed for convenience The FastPette™ Pro motorized pipette controller is designed for work with glass or plastic serological pipettes from 0.5 to 100 ml range. […]

Pipette – Labpette™ R: Repeating (Labnet)

The Labpette™ R Repeating Laboratory Pipette saves time and reduces fatigue associatged with repetitive pipetting use The Labpette™ R Pipette provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. Twenty […]

Pipettes – Labpette™ FX: Fixed volume (Labnet)

The Labpette™ FX Pipettes are ideal for applications where specific volumes are used repeatedly The Labpette™ FX range includes thirty-two pipettes, from 2 µl to 1000 µl, with exceptional accuracy and reproducibility. An ergonomically designed […]

Pipettors – Excel™: Electronic, Single & Multi Channel (Labnet)

The Excel™ Single-Channel Electronic Pipettors are comfortable for both right and left handed users The single-channel pipettors can be used for standard and reverse pipetting as well as multiple and sequential dispensing, mixing of samples […]

Plate Sealer – AccuSeal™: Semi-automated (Labnet)

The Labnet Semi-Automated Plate Sealer – AccuSeal™ is ideal for the low to medium throughput Laboratory that requires uniform and consistent sealing of microplates The AccuSeal™ Semi Automated Plate Sealer offers complete versatility, will accept […]