ESCO LifeSciences

Fisher Biotec is the sole distributor of ESCO LifeSciences products in Australia

ESCO LifeSciences is a world leading manufacturer of laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical equipment solutions. The extensive product range includes Biological Safety Cabinets; Cytotoxic Safety Cabinets; Laboratory Incubators and Ovens; CO² Incubators; Fume Hoods; Isolators; Ductless Fume Hoods; Laminar Flow Cabinets; Ultra-low Temperature Freezers; Hospital Pharmacy Isolators, Containment/Pharma products; PCR Cabinets; Cleanroom Transfer Hatches; Animal Containment Workstations; and Powder Weighing Balance Enclosures.


Incubators, CO² – CelCulture®: with IR sensor (ESCO)

CO² Incubators – CelCulture® are available in 3 sizes, 50L, 170L and 240L Esco CelCulture® CO₂ incubators are widely used in scientific research to grow and maintain cell cultures. Typical fields of application include tissue […]

Incubators, Isotherm®: Forced & Natural Convection, Laboratory (ESCO)

Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Incubators The Isotherm forced convection incubators are ideal for thermal convection applications such as bacteria culture and Coliform determination. Their many features include ergonomic design, intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with […]

Incubators, Isotherm®: Refrigerated Laboratory (ESCO)

Isotherm® Refrigerated Incubators are widely used for applications such as BOD determination and environmental research With ergonomic design, microprocessor PID controls, 4-zone heated air jacket and precisely tuned and tested ventilation and insulation package, Esco […]

Isolator – BelloSafe-Iso: OrbiCult (ESCO)

The BelloSafe™-ISO® OrbiCult™ CO2 Incubator is a new isolator specifically for doing virus production etc. in BelloCell Bio-reactors The isolator incorporates a CO2 incubator, a shaker and the isolator in the one devise. Protein expression […]

Laminar Flow Cabinets – Airstream® (ESCO)

Airstream® Horizontal and Laminar Flow cabinets offer ‘standby mode’ for more energy saving! Both models offer a balance of quality and performance features with many key innovations including mini-pleat separatorless ULPA filter technology, external rotor […]

Ovens – Isotherm®: Laboratory, Forced Convection (ESCO)

Esco Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Ovens are used for high-forced volume thermal convection applications such as drying and curing With ergonomic design, microprocessor PID controls, 4-zone heated air jacket and precisely tuned and tested ventilation […]

Pass Boxes & Air Shower Pass Boxes – Infinity® (ESCO)

The Esco Pass Boxes are an effective solution to controlling the ingress of particulate contamination into cleanrooms and other controlled environments in order to maintain the integrity of products and processes. They can also be […]

PCR Cabinets – Airstream® and Streamline® (ESCO)

Esco PCR Cabinets provide ISO Class 4 air cleanliness within the work zone Both the Airstream® PCR Cabinets and the Streamline® PCR Cabinets offer true vertical laminar airflow with a large filter covering the entire […]

Refrigerators and Freezers (Laboratory) – HP Series (Esco)

The HP Series offers superior levels of cold storage performance and provide high-performance protection for your samples The HP Series ensure optimal storage conditions for temperature-sensitive biological and medical products in order to meet the […]

Rocker – Cell Culture: CelXrocker™ (ESCO VacciXCell)

CelXrocker™ Laboratory Rocker – Your Benchtop Versatile Cell Culture Rocker The CelXrocker provides gentle side to side rocking motion for mixing in culture flasks, tubes, and dishes. The laboratory rocker is designed to conveniently fit […]

Shakers, Orbital – OrbiCult™: Ambient & Benchtop (ESCO)

OrbiCult™ Shakers offer versatile models and outstanding features such as unique triple-eccentric counterbalance drive and brushless DC motor for long term-reliability OrbiCult™ shakers are available in two models, the Ambient Orbital shaker and the Incubator […]