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Sorenson BioScience, Inc

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Manufacturer of high quality liquid handling tools for molecular biology.


Pipette Tips (Barrier and Non-Barrier)

Pipette Tips - OneTouch™ ("Pipetting like you've never felt it!")

OneTouch pipette tips are a revolutionary tip manufactured from two resins and provide a soft colour-coded top collar and a rigid, ultra-clear polyproplene body. The ergonomic soft tip reduces the necessary sealing and reciprocal ejection force required for traditional single resin polypropylene tips.

  • Excellent for multichannel pipettors
  • Colour coded top collar and regid ultra-clear polypropylene body
  • Reduce pipettor wear
  • Ergonomic design - requires less force to create an optimal seal
  • Available in 3 µl, 10 µl, 200 µl, and 1000 µl sizes.

The 'new' 3 µl OneTouch non-barrier, and barrier tips, are designed for superior precision and accuracy at or below 1 µl. Tips provide exceptional clarity for optimal sample visualization below the 1 µl graduation line.

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See more information on the BenchTop Pipettor, which uses OneTouch Tips.  

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Pipette Tips - Full Range

Pipette Tips - Ultra Micro, Standard Universal, Barrier, Gel Loading

Ultra Micro Tips and Standard Universal Tips

  • Universal fit on research grade pipettors
  • Accurate, precise and reliable
  • Graduated tips provide visible reference points.

MultiGuard™ Barrier Pipette Tips

  • Effectively block aerosols without the risk of contaminating your sample with additives.

MultiFlex™ and MiniFlex™ Gel Loading Tips

  • Ideal for use in genetic sequencing studies
  • Tips have universal fit on research-grade pipettors.

OneTouch™ Pipette Tips

  • A revolutionary tip manufactured from 2 resins
  • Provide a soft color-coded top collar and a rigid ultra-clear polypropylene body.

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PCR Plastic Products

PCR Products - µltraAMP™ PCR Plates, PCR Tubes, µltraAMP™ PCR Plate Sealers, PCR Storage Solutions

Thin wall 0.2 ml tubes, 0.2 ml μltraStrips, and .65 ml μltraTubes maximize PCR accuracy and reduce cycle times by providing uniform, rapid thermal transfer. All tubes fit most 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml thermal cycler blocks. Bold-printed PCR plates fit leading thermal cyclers, DNA sequencing/detection instruments, and Real-Time PCR instruments. All PCR products are certified RNase/DNase-Free, Human DNA/PCR Inhibitor-Free, and non-pyrogenic.

µltraAMP™ PCR Plates

  • 96-Well µltraPlate - Fits most popular thermal cyclers; slightly raised rims for maximum sealing surface
  • Semi-Skirt96 Raised Rim Plate - Real-time PCR compatible, skirt allows robotic handling
  • Skirted96 Plate - Compatible with most robotics, low profile design
  • 96-Well Fast Plate - Low profile and thin-wall design, ultra-clear wells
  • 96-Well MB Plate - Raised tube rime minimize risk of well-to-well contamination
  • 96-Well 480 Plate - Ideal for real-time PCR, thin walls
  • 384-Well NX Plate - Rigid skirt for gripping by robotic plate handlers
  • 384-Well 480 Plate - Opaque wells, 30 µl working volume.

PCR Tubes

  • 0.2 ml PCR Tubes with attached caps
  • 0.65 ml PCR Tubes with attached caps
  • 0.2 ml PCR µltraStrips

µltraAMP™ PCR Plate Sealers

  • PCR Plate Silicone Sealing Mat
  • Clear PCR Plate Seal
  • Aluminum PCR Plate Seal
  • Real Time PCR Plate Seal
  • Real Time PCR Plate Pressure Seal

PCR Storage

  • Freeze Blocks - Anodized aluminium freeze blocks maintain temperature at 0 degrees C
  • DeepWell Plates - Sterile and non-sterile available.

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Reservoirs - Reagent

Multi Reagent Reservoirs (V-Bottom and Dual-Basin) Single Channel to 16-channel

Reservoirs are available in 25ml, 55ml and 100ml sizes and are designed to accommodate all types of pipettors.

  • Graduation marks on interior walls
  • Lot certified RNase/DNase-Free and non-pyrogenic
  • Made of FDA grade plastic
  • Pour-off spouts in each corner
  • Sterile.

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Tubes and Vials - Microcentrifuge

The comprehensive range of Microcentrifuge Tubes includes:
  • 0.65ml SafeSeal Microcentrifuge Tubes - Feature both superior clarity and strength with a temperature rating from -80° C to 121° C.
  • 1.7ml SafeSeal Microcentrifuge Tubes - Feature both superior clarity and strength with a temperature rating from -80° C to 121° C.
  • 2.0ml SafeSeal Microcentrifuge Tubes - Feature both superior clarity and strength with a temperature rating from -80° C to 121° C.
  • 2.0ml Dolphin Microcentrifuge Tubes - Ideal for pelletizing samples. Feature superior strength with a temperature rating from -80° C to 121° C.
  • 1.5ml TabTop Microcentrifuge Tubes - Patented, vertical tab makes it easier to handle tubes in rotors, racks, heat blocks and baths.
  • 0.5ml TabTop Microcentrifuge Tubes - Patented, vertical tab makes it easier to handle tubes in rotors, racks, heat blocks and baths.
  • UltraRack - Supports up to 48 tubes in an alpha-numeric configuration.

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Manufactures a range of specialty plastic ware for molecular biology proteomics, drug discovery, genomics, and high throughput screening applications.


Storage Solutions - Deep Well & Assay Microplates, Reservoirs

Storage Solution Products -Deep Well and Assay Plates; Single and Multiple Well Reservoirs; Reagent Reservoirs; and Compound Library Storage

All products are suitable for sample collection, sealing and sample storage.

  • Deep Well and Assay Plates - Suitable for sample collection, in vitro growth chambers and long-term storage. Made of polypropylene, they offer excellent chemical resistance and will withstand temperatures down to -80°C.
  • Compound Library Storage (Mini Tube System) - Available in 0.65 mL single mini tube or 1.1 mL single mini tube. Also available in 8-cap or 12-cap strip format. Mini Tube System racks are compatible with Beckman Coulter, Tecan and other automation workstations.
  • Single Well and Multiple Well Reservoirs -Available in numerous formats for automated and manual applications.Designed with standard ANSI/SLAS footprint dimensions for microplates for compatibility with most automation workstations and are made of polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance.
  • Reagent Reservoirs - a complete line of single-well and multiple-well reagent reservoirs are available in multiple formats for automated and manual use. All reservoirs are compatible with most automation workstations.

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Sealing Solutions

Sealing Solution Products -Sealing Mats; Sealing Films; Heal Sealing Films; Sealing Film Roller

Products are suitable for applications ranging from PCR and real-time PCR, to ELISA and cell culture.

AxyMat Sealing Mats

Research-grade silicone sealing mats designed for long-tern or short-term storage and PCR. Mats are autoclavable and reusable.

ImpermaMat Sealing Mats

Designed for use with Axygen deep well and assay microplates. Tight seal reduces sample evaporation and well-to-well contamination.

Sealing Films

Microplate sealing films are designed for applications ranging from PCR and Real-time PCR to storage.

PlateMax® Heat Sealing Films, Rolls

HeatSeal eliminates evaporation and well-to-well contamination. AluminumSeal and PolyesterSeal is designed for high throughput screening applications.

Sealing Film Roller

Ideal for application of all PlateMax sealing films.

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Tubes - Microcentrifuge

Microcentrifuge Tubes - Snaplock Microcentrifuge Tubes; Microcentrifuge Tubes and Screw Caps; Conical Centrifuge Tubes; Transport Tubes; and Tissue Grinder

Microcentrifuge tubes serve a broad range of laboratory needs including collection processing, centrifugation, long-term storage and packaging.

  • 0.6 mL, 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL MaxyClear SnapLock Microcentrifuge Tubes - Available in a variety of colors. Maxymum Recovery® and sterile options are also available. SnapLock microtubes have frosted cap surfaces and frosted side panels, ideal for labeling. Each cap features a piercing port in the centre of the cap. Clear tubes are certified to boil proof. Colored tubes are not boil-proof.
  • 5 mL Snaplock Microcentrifge Tubes - Available in clear and amber colors. Tubes have graduated 0.5 mL increments with frosted flat cap. Tubes fit without adapter to 15 mm diameter centrifuge buckets.
  • 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tubes and Screw Caps - Feature a screw cap that provides a tight secure seal. Screw cap tubes are available in a variety of colors with conical or self-standing bottom. Sterile options are available.
  • Tissue Grinder - Durable and inert polypropylene construction, designed to fit 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes.
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes and Screw Caps - Available in a range of colors with Non-looped with O-ring and Looped, with O-ring.
  • Conical Centrifuge Tubes - Printed graduations and writing area for sample identificdation. Screw caps can be closed with one hand.
  • Transport Tubes - Graduation marks at 1.0 mL intervals with large frosted writing area for sample identification.

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Tips - Automation (Robotic)

Automation (Robotic) Tips are engineered to the exact specifications of the original equipment manufacturers’ tips, ensuring complete compatibility and a consistent fit. One of the widest product offerings combined with Axygen's engineering expertise and stringent QA/QC enables researchers to get optimum performance no matter which automated liquid handler they are working with.

  • Engineered to exact specifications of the workstation vendor's tips
  • Maxymum Recovery available in most tip styles
  • Optimized fine point for accurate dispensing
  • Filter barrier prevents aerosol and liquid contamination
  • Certified DNase-/RNase-free and nonpyrogenic

View the Automation Tips Compatibility Chart for more information.

Axygen automation tips are compatible with:

  • Agilent® / Velocity11
  • Aurora-Biomed
  • Beckman Coulter®
  • Biotek®
  • Corbett
  • Dynamic Devices
  • Hamamatsu
  • Hamilton®
  • PerkinElmer®
  • Progroup Wellpro
  • Qiagen®
  • Tecan®
  • Zymark® / Caliper

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Tips - Pipette (Full Range)

Pipette Tips - 100-1250µl Tips; Aerosol Barrier Tips; Axypet-16 Tips; Gel Cutting Tips; Gen3 Multi Barrier Filter Tips; GentleFit Dual Shot Filter Tips; Macrovolume Tips; Microvolume Tips; and Universal Fit Tips

Pipette tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettors. Flexible walls and a series of internal sealing rings ensure a secure fit with less force required to load and eject. Extended length and wide bore styles are also available. View the Tips Compatibility Chart for more information.

  • Universal fit tips - compatible with most research grade pipettors
  • Aerosol barrier tips - prevent aerosol and liquid contamination
  • Universal fit and aerosol barrier tips - available in bulk, racked, and reloading formats
  • Bevel delivery oriface reduces sample hang-up and improves pipetting accuracy
  • Graduation marks allow a visual confirmation of the pipettor aspiration volume
  • RNase-/DNase-free and nonpyrogenic
  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging are available
  • Maxymum Recovery® surface allows maximum retrieval of precious samples.

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