Liquid Handling and Automation

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Sorenson BioScience, Inc

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Manufacturer of high quality liquid handling tools for molecular biology.


Pipettor - Benchtop (Semi Automated)

BenchTop Pipettor - 96/384 Semi-Automated

The BenchTop Pipettor is a semi-automated liquid handling device for pipetting into 96 and 384-well plates. The pipettor ensures precise control in aspirating and dispensing volumes with the touch of a button.

  • Light-weight, portable instrument accelerates liquid transfer
  • Available in two volume ranges: 20µl (1-20µl) and 250µl (5-250µl)
  • Highly precise, accurate and convenient to operate
  • Can aspirate and dispense liquid samples with the touch of a button
  • Optional accessory - hard shell travel case.

You can view all the features and learn how to use the benchtop pipettor – view the video.

The 10 µl and 200 µl OneTouch™ Pipette Tips are compatible with the BenchTop Pipettor.

See One Touch tip flyer for more information.

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Reservoirs - Reagent

Multi Reagent Reservoirs (V-Bottom and Dual-Basin) Single Channel to 16-channel

Reservoirs are available in 25ml, 55ml and 100ml sizes and are designed to accommodate all types of pipettors.

  • Graduation marks on interior walls
  • Lot certified RNase/DNase-Free and non-pyrogenic
  • Made of FDA grade plastic
  • Pour-off spouts in each corner
  • Sterile.

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Develops and offers a wide variety of products including DNA/protein ladders, transilluminators, imagers, and other innovative research tools.


Pipette Tracking System

Pipette Tracking System - iTrack® TK-01 

Eliminate the stress of manual pipetting - no need to program pipetting patterns or import protocols.

  • iTrack sensors detect pipetting locations automatically
  • Compatible with 96, 384-well microplates & multi-channel pipettors
  • Compatible tip: 0.1 - 1,000 µl
  • No need to press any button after every pipetting step
  • 8" Capacitive touch screen on android tablet
  • Two sensor layers - 96-well (higher layer for microplates & tubes) and 384-well (lower layer for microplates)

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Beckman Coulter

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Suppliers of a comprehensive range of quality centrifugation, spectroscopy, liquid scintillation, laboratory automation, genomelab, and proteomelab equipment.


Liquid Handling Systems

Biomek® - Laboratory Automation Workstations

  • Biomek® FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation sets the standard for flexible laboratory solutions to meet your changing needs. It puts every aspect of liquid handling – including pipetting, dilution, dispensing and integration – into a single, automated system that is as powerful and flexible as it is efficient and economical.
  • Biomek® NXP Laboratory Automation Workstation incorporating a wide range of next-generation features into a small footprint design, sets the standard for flexible laboratory solutions. It puts every aspect of liquid handling – including pipetting, dilution, dispensing and integration – into a single, automated system that is as powerful as it is efficient and economical.
  • Biomek® 3000 Laboratory Automation Workstation offers a liquid handling platform that's as advanced as it is flexible. By integrating all aspects of liquid handling into a single, automated system, Biomek 3000 delivers unparalleled flexibility, expandability and performance.
  • Biomek® 4000 Laboratory Automation Workstation offers powerful and intelligent liquid handling that adapts to changing situations. From its easy-to-use-icon-driven software and available application methods to its enhanced work surface with interchangeable tools, the Biomek 4000 is designed to help you streamline your workflow and automate your laboratory today and tomorrow.
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Diffinity Genomics / Chiral Technologies

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Manufacturers of single use disposable products for medical and research applications in DNA extraction and purification and molecular diagnostics. Diffinity Technology is based upon differential adsorption of different forms of nucleic acids on specially tailored surfaces. Diffinity RapidTip for PCR purification, provides a revolutionary new way of performing purification of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) product in a single step.


Pipette Tips - Rapid Clean-up (Automation)

RapidTip™ Pipette Tip for Automation

RapidTips are a novel molecular separation technology, and functional pipette tip, which can be utilized with low cost, automated bench top pipetting systems. RapidTips are now available for testing on the Biomek FX/NX (Span-8 or 96-channel), Eppendorf epMotion, Hudson Solo and Gilson PIPETMAX. Contact Fisher Biotec for more information.

  • Faster, higher throughput process for PCR purification
  • DNA samples can be purified in a single, rapid step
  • Shorter overall time to analysis results
  • Reduced waste and environmental impact.

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Manufactures a range of specialty plastic ware for molecular biology proteomics, drug discovery, genomics, and high throughput screening applications.


Pipette Tips - Robotic (Automation)

Robotic Tips for automation systems are engineered to the exact specifications of the original equipment manufacturers’ tips, ensuring complete compatibility and a consistent fit. 

  • Engineered to exact specifications of the workstation vendor's tips
  • Maxymum Recovery available in most tip styles
  • Optimized fine point for accurate dispensing
  • Filter barrier prevents aerosol and liquid contamination
  • Certified DNase-/RNase-free and nonpyrogenic

View the Automation Tips Compatibility Chart for more information.

Axygen automation tips are compatible with:

  • Agilent® / Velocity11
  • Aurora-Biomed
  • Beckman Coulter®
  • Biotek®
  • Corbett
  • Dynamic Devices
  • Hamamatsu
  • Hamilton®
  • PerkinElmer®
  • Progroup Wellpro
  • Qiagen®
  • Tecan®
  • Zymark® / Caliper

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Pipette (Single Channel)

Pipette (Single Channel) - Axypet™

The Axypet single channel precision pipette combines accuracy and precision with design innovations intended to make the pipetting experience more comfortable during periods of prolonged pipetting.

  • Available in 10 single channel models covering volumes from 0.2mls to 10mls
  • Volume setting using the thumbwheel or pushbutton
  • Locking feature prevents accidental volume changes during pipetting
  • Thumb-friendly soft spring pipetting system reduces fatigue
  • Unique EZIject side ejection option reduces thumb movement
  • Finger-hook to take the weight, for a more relaxed grip.

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Pipettes (8 & 12 Multi-Channel)

Axypet™ 8 and 12 Tip Multi-Channel Pipettes

The Axypet multi-channel precision pipettes feature a revolutionary suspension system which allows the shafts to retract slightly when they are pressed against a row of pipette tips. Each shaft moves independently, resulting in an even sealing force being applied to all 8 or 12 tips.

  • Tip manifold rotates 360º for comfortable handling
  • Thumb-friendly soft spring pipetting system reduces fatigue
  • Finger hook to take the weight, for a more relaxed grip
  • Large ergonomic pushbutton to allow comfortable use
  • Digital volume display

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Pipettor (16-Channel)

Pipettor (16-Channel) - Axypet™

The Axypet features comfortable, lightweight design to help reduce hand fatigue, as well as ergonimically designed ejector lever. Specifically designed for use with Axygen's racked T-384 and T-1536 series Microvolume tips.

  • One-hand volume adjustment and volume locking
  • Adapts fully to left and right handed use
  • Autoclavable pipettor body
  • Tip manifold rotates 360°
  • Available in 0.2-2µl, 0.5-10µl and 5-50µl
  • Ergonomic handle allows easy operation
  • Plunger cap colour coded for ease of identification.

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Pipette Controller

Pipette Controller - MotoPet®

The MotoPet is a precise, motor powered, rechargeable pipette controller for volumes ranging from 0.5 mL to 100 mL. The unit has an ergonomic design and a highly efficient motor for fast aspiration and dispensing of samples. It is compatible with both glass and plastic pipettes.

  • Molded, lightweight handle for effortless pipetting
  • Easily accessible switches
  • PTFE filter prevents cross-contamination
  • Digital display provides visual indication of battery, motor speed and operating function
  • Pressure sensitive trigger buttons control rate of aspiration or dispensing
  • Adjustable aspiration speed for the volume of the pipette and viscosity of liquid
  • NiMH battery, up to 8 hours continuous work
  • Nosepiece, pipette holder and filter are autoclavable.

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