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BTX Harvard Apparatus

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Electroporation Systems - In Vivo and Large Volumes

Electroporation System - AgilePulse™ In Vivo System

The AgilePulse™ In Vivo System provides an intra-dermal/muscular electroporation solution to produce maximum transfection efficiency. The AgilePulse In Vivo System can be purchased with software supporting intra-dermal (ID) or intra-muscular (IM) applications.

  • Suited for applications such as gene therapy and cancer vaccines
  • Includes a user friendly programmable waveform generator and miniature parallel-needle electrode array
  • Easy to use touch screen user interface.

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Electroporation System - AgilePulse MAX™System

The AgilePulse MAX™ System is an advanced electroporation solution for fast, efficient transfection of 2 to 20 mL of cell suspension. Specifically engineered for large-volume applications, this system maximizes cellular uptake with minimal heating  and short cycle-time to ensure high cell viability in further cell processing.

  • Transfect cells such as bone marrow cells to produce or replace a missing protein
  • Deliver siRNA to suppress gene expression
  • Deliver genes for permanent gene correction
  • Offers large-scale production of replication-deficient viruses
  • Easy to use touch screen user interface.

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Electroporation Systems - Vaccine and Gene Delivery

Electroporation System - Gemini X² system

The Gemini X2 multi-waveform system can be easily set-up so that square wave and exponential decay waves can be applied to cells in any format.  Electroporation of suspension cells can be achieved in cuvettes and 96 well plates. Additionally, the Gemini X² can be paired with BTX specialty electrodes to deliver genes and drugs in vivo, in utero, in ovo, to ex plant tissues as well as adherent cells

  • Remote operation functionality via footswitch or PC
  • Ideal for gene, drug and vaccine delivery, gene therapy, bacteria libraries and siRNA knockdowns.

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Electroporation System - Gemini SC2 system

The Gemini SC2 has a wide range of pulsing parameters, advanced safety features as well as dozens of pre-set protocols.

  • Wide range of pulsing parameters
  • Advanced safety features
  • Designed for efficient cell transfection or transformation
  • Ideal for gene and drug delivery and bacteria libraries.

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Electroporation Systems - In Vivo and In Vitro

Square Wave Pulse Generator - ECM® 830 

The ECM 830 is designed for in vitro and in vivo electroporation applications. The versatility of the ECM 830 applications for gene, drug and protein delivery include; mammalian cells, in vivo,  ex vivo tissue, zebra fish tissue and embryos, nuclear transfer, embryo manipulation, plant protoplast and basic bacteria and yeast transformations.

  • High throughput 96 and 25 well electroporation
  • Wide range of voltages available
  • Digital display of voltage and pulse length delivered
  • Can be used in combination with BTX specialty electrodes.

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Exponential Decay Wave Generator - ECM® 630

The ECM® 630 applications include Transformation of Bacteria and Yeast; Transfection of Mammalian Cells; Transfection of Plant Tissue & Plant Protoplasts and High Throughput 25/96-Well.

  • Ability to select the resistance and capacitance values, and adjust the range of voltages
  • Flexible plug and play system to transition between standard cuvettes and to 25/96-well plates
  • Digital user interface.

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Exponential Decay Wave Generator - ECM® 399

The ECM® 399 is specifically designed to produce the precise field strengths and pulse lengths required for the transfection of mammalian and transformation of bacterial and yeast cells. Applications include Bacteria; Yeast and Fungus.

  • Ideal for basic transformation
  • Easty to operate
  • Compact size
  • Low voltage mode.

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Electrofusion Systems - Electro Cell Manipulation

Electro Cell Manipulation Generator - ECM® 2001

The ECM® 2001 is capable of producing a proprietary AC waveform for benign dielectrophoretic alignment of cells, and a square DC waveform for cell fusion. Applications include Cell Fusion; Nuclear Transfer; Embryo Manipulation; Hybridoma Production; Mammalian Cell Transfection; Plant Protoplast Fusion and Stem Cell Production.

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Electrofusion Systems - Hybridoma Production

Electrofusion System - Hybrimune™ System

The Hybrimune™ is an advanced electrofusion system for fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation or nuclear transfer applications.

  • Innovative fusion chamber design
  • Provides rapid cell alignment and compression for increased fusion
  • Direct scale-up from 2ml to 9ml to large volume hybridoma production
  • Easy programmable user-friendly windows based software.

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Electroporation Systems - High Throughput

High Throughput (HT) Systems - AgilePulse™ and HT System

HT Systems offer multi-well electroporation technology for processing multiple samples in seconds. Using the HT Multi-Well plates instead of traditional cuvettes, the researcher can transition from a single cuvette to either a 96 well or 25 well electroporation plate by using one simple plate handler.

The HT Systems are comprised of 3 components - the HT Multi-Well Plates, an HT Plate Handler and the 830 or 630 Generators. The HT plate handlers are compatible with the Generators.

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The AgilePulse™ HT System offers efficient transfection for 50 to 1000 ML volumes. It is specifically engineered for high throughput volume applications and uses automated batch processing of smaller volumes ensuring uniform electroporation with minimal sample heating. Patented Pulse Agile® technology combines a unique sequence of short high-intensity pulses to porate cell membranes, followed by long low-intensity pulses to further drive transfectants into cells via electrophoresis, while maintaining cell viability.

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Microinjection Systems - Direct Injection into Cells

MicroJet 1000 MAX Micro-Injector

The MicroJet is an alternative method to deliver genes, proteins, macromolecules and micro-beads by direct injection into cells, tissues and oocytes simply and efficiently. This MicroJet provides a reliable, consistent and precise delivery of volumes through stable pressure regulation maintaining this pressure for a set duration of time, controlled digitally.

The compressed gas internally controlled pressure system, allows the precise delivery of desired volumes ranging from femtoliters to microliter volumes. The MJ 1000 MAX is capable of holding a cell, oocyte or early stage embryo stationary while simultaneously using a separate pressure channel for injections. The MJ 1000 MAX is versatile enough to provide the same consistent performance needed to inject large volumes into tissue such as capillaries, or pico volumes, for nuclear injections. It is also ideal for the gentle transfer of delicate fetal or stem cells into oocytes.

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Electroporation Cuvettes

Electroporation Cuvettes - Cuvettes Plus™

Cuvettes Plus are designed for use in electroporation and electrofusion of bacteria, yeast, insect, plant and mammalian cells.

  • Sterile transfer pipette included with every Cuvette Plus package
  • Three sizes: 1mm, 2mm and 4mm
  • Round cuvette caps allow for single-hand removal
  • Colour codes for easy recognition
  • Cuvettes are compatible with most electroporation systems.

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Speciality Electrodes

Speciality Electrodes

  • Genetrodes™ for In Vivo, Ex Vivo & In Ovo Electroporation
  • Genepaddles™ for In Vitro Embryo & In Vivo Gene Delivery
  • Tweezertrodes™ for In Vivo Drug-Gene Delivery
  • 2-Needle Array™ for In Vivo Muscle Gene Therapy
  • Flatpack chambers for Stem Cell Transfection, Bacterial Transformation
  • Flat Electrode for Cell Fusion & Mammalian Cell Transfection
  • Caliper Electrodes for In Vivo Transdermal/Muscle Gene & Drug Delivery
  • Petri Pulser™ & Petri Dish Electrode
  • Microslides for Cell Fusion & Hybridoma Production
  • Meander Fusion Chamber for Cell Fusion
  • Platinum Needle L-Shaped Electrode
  • Petri Dish Platinum Electrode for Tissues
  • Petri Dish Platinum Electrode for Tissue Slices.

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Reagents for Electroporation

Electroporation Buffer - BTXpress®

BTXpress is a high performance, single buffer solution, developed to quickly and efficiently deliver genes into mammalian cells. This solution, in combination with BTX electroporation instruments, provides researchers with the versatility and success needed across a broad range of cell types while maintaining critical cell viability.

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Electroporation Buffers - BTXpress Cytoporation® Media T and Media T4

Cytoporation Media T and Media T4 are advanced electroporation buffers designed for use with the BTX AgilePulse MAX Large-Volume Electroporation System for ex vivo in vitro delivery of DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, and siRNA. The low conductivity buffer is specially-formulated to minimize heating of solution during large volumes electroporation for maximum transfection efficiency and high cell viability.

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