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Develops and offers a wide variety of products including DNA/protein ladders, transilluminators, imagers, and other innovative research tools.


MaestroWEP Vertical Electrophoresis System

The MaestroWEP (PT-01) runs both handcast gels and pre-cast gels interchangeably. The MaesroWEP system includes a lower buffer chamber, upper buffer chamber, and stoppers to fix the pre-cast gels without movement during electrophoresis. The cell can run one or two gels, and the tank is compatible with different sizes pre-cast gel cassettes.

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DNA Ladders

Maestrogen supplies a wide range of products for accurate size and mass estimations (quantitation) of nucleic acid/protein fragments. DNA Ladders comprising of fragments of specific base pair length are available for estimation of molecular weights from 100bp to 10Kb.

For easy determination of band size, several DNA Ladders include bands that are two to three times more intense.

  • AccuRuler 1Kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use
  • AccuRuler 100 bp Plus DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use
  • AccuRuler 100 bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use

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Protein Ladders

Maestrogen Protein Ladders comprising of fragments of specific base pair length are available for estimation of molecular weights from 10kDa to 180kDa.

  • AccuRuler RGB Plus Prestained Protein Ladder
  • AccuRuler RGB Prestained Protein Ladder

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Axygen Biosciences

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Manufactures a comprehensive range of DNA extraction kits for life science research.


DNA Markers

Axygen's DNA Markers are pre-loaded with Bromophenol Blue dye and are supplied ready-to-use. All markers create precise sharp bands with locations that are consistent under conventional electrophoresis conditions. The markers are robust and can be used for fast electrophoresis runs of 10-15 minutes.

Range of 5 sizes available includes: 100bp ladder, 1kb ladder, Low Range, High Range and Broad Range.

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The Agarose range includes:

Agarose LE (low electroendosmosis) a high quality molecular biology grade agarose suitable for analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids.

Agarose LM (low melting) a low melting agarose that allows for the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids below their denaturation temperature.

Agarose MS (molecular screening) a molecular screening agarose for improved resolution of DNA fragments with 500 bp or less.

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Select BioProducts

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Suppliers of a range of liquid handling equipment, shakers and rockers, centrifuges, and laboratory plastic ware.


MiniGel Electrophoresis System

The Select BioProducts SBE160 MiniGel II Electrophoresis System is extremely versatile, with 3 different sizes of gel trays, multiple combs and output voltage from 10 to 150V. The power supply connects directly into the gel tank. A magnetic sensor allows current to flow only when the lid is in place.

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Power Supply

BioVolt™ Power Supplies (BioVolt 300 and BioVolt 250) are perfect for a wide range of nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis applications. Programming is simple with 4 sets of color coded output terminals which allow multiple gels to be run from the same power supply.


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Suppliers of top quality products to life science researchers throughout the world, including high specification horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis equipment and accessories.


runVIEW Real-Time Gel Electrophoresis System

Biocom RunVIEW Gel System is an innovative new system which can be used to maximise the efficiency of DNA recovery from EtBr and SYBR stained gels by minimising the number of steps involved in postelectrophoretic purification.

runVIEW consists of an omniPage multiSUB CHOICE gel chamber with special bluVIEW lid, containing an orange spectral emission filter within its viewing pane, plus a base unit with integrated power supply and blue LED gel illuminator.

System features and benefits include:

  • Simple DNA recovery
  • Track DNA without harmful UV
  • Save on time-consuming gel elution techniques
  • No expensive commercial gels
  • A self-contained system.

The runDOC Gel Documentation System is designed exclusively for use with the runVIEW system.  runDOC comprises a darkroom hood and 10 megapixel digital camera to capture images of nucleic acid gels stained with etBr, SYBR and runSAFE. The runDOC has a small footprint area.

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Blotting Systems

Biocom Blotting Systems include Electro, Semi-dry, Capillary, Dot and Slot Blotters. The omniPAGE Electroblotting systems include both modules required for Slab Gel Electrophoresis and Electroblotting. The EBLOT Electroblotters are designed primarily for wet electroblotting of proteins and the Capillary Blotting systems offer a contained unit for southern and northern blotting.

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2-D Electrophoresis Systems

The OmniPAGE 2-D Systems include both modules required for Slab Gel and First Dimension Electrophoresis, to provide a complete Mini, Mini Wide or Maxi 2-D System. The omniPAGE VS30 unit has been designed to provide the second stage of 2-D electrophoresis.

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