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Esco Micro

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Leaders in the development of laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical equipment solutions. Products include biological safety cabinets, laboratory incubators and ovens, CO2 incubators, fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, laminar flow clean benches, ultra-low temperature freezers and PCR cabinets.


Biological Safety Cabinets - Class II

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet - Airstream

Airstream Class II biological safety cabinet is one of the best choices when you are looking for operator, product and environmental protection for your laboratory. Now equipped with energy efficient DC ECM Motor, offering 70% energy savings compared to legacy AC motor. Its SentinelTM Gold Microprocessor Controller displays all information you need on its screen. With its dynamic chamber, ISO Class 3 work zone and ISOCIDE™ powder coat on all its external and interior painted surfaces, you are ensured that you, the operator, as well as the product and the environment are protected from harmful biological agents.

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Biological Safety Cabinet - Labculture Class II

Labculture Class II blends the latest generation of energy efficient DC ECM motor technology. The Labculture combines a multitude of design, construction and proprietary technological considerations to bestow optimum operator, product and environmental protection. Utilizing 2 minipleat ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filters which operate at a typical efficiency of 99.999%. Esco Labculture features a 10-degree sloped front for maximum operator comfort. A 1-piece stainless steel work zone facilitates ease of cleaning after experiments. The Isocide™ powder coating finish prevents microbial/bacterial growth on the exterior.

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Class II Biosafety Cabinet  - Cytoculture® Lead-Shielded

Cytoculture lead-shielded Class II biosafety cabinet is designed for radio-pharmaceutical industry usage and protects the operator during work involving radioisotopes. The operator is protected from radiation by the lead-shielded sides, lead-shielded work zone bottom and front sliding sash. The air enters the cabinet through the front air grill and travels through the KI-impregnated carbon filter on which radioactive iodine is absorbed. Air then travels to the blower plenum where it is filtered by high-efficiency ULPA filters before being exhausted.

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Incubator - CO2 (BelloSafe-Iso)

BelloSafe™-ISO® OrbiCult™ CO2 Incubator

Specially designed for BelloSafe-Iso, the OrbiCult CO2 Incubator integrates CO2 incubator and shaking incubator technologies. Shaking function with Bello® Bioreactor helps semi-automated seeding process with up to 90% seeding rate and auto-cell harvesting. BelloSafe-Iso includes disposable bioreactor capable of high density cell culture.

  • SteriSafe™ ULPA filtered system, filtered gas injection lines
  • Individual air cylinder-derived bellow pump and shaking function allow use of BelloCell® bottle
  • Special treated matrices, BioNOCII™ enable most anchorage-dependent cells to be cultured
  • Applications: Protein Expression, Virus Production, Cell Processing, Cell Therapy, Vaccine Research and Monoclonal Antibody Production.

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Ductless Fume Hoods

Ductless Fume Hoods- Ascent®

The Ascent fume hood is suitable for applications involving transfer of chemicals, titration, sample preparation, weighing, extraction and experiements with no forced or with minimal evaporation. This hood is usually preferred because of the hassle-free installation and of its plug and play feature.

  • Centrifugal fan (low noise and low vibration level)
  • Arm ports allow easy access to work zone
  • Robuse hood construction
  • Nanocarb® carbon filters
  • Sentinel™ Silver Microprocessor Control, alarm system
  • Optional VOC sensor
  • Easy-to-clean, corrosion and chemical resistant worktop
  • A range of support stands available in two heights.

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In Vitro Fertilization Workstation

In Vitro Fertilization Workstation - Labculture®

The IVF workstation is specially designed for use in fertility laboratories for research work in the fields of human and animal reproduction.

  • Ergonomically designed work surface
  • Work zone temperature and airflow monitoring
  • ISO Class 3 cleanliness
  • User-friendly control system
  • ULPA filtration system
  • Low noise level
  • Microscope and LCD monitor mounting (optional)
  • Support stand with caster wheels, or telescoping support stands are available.

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Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Horizontal and Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Benches - Airstream®

Both the Airstream horizontal and vertical laminar flow clean benches offer protection for samples and processes. Both models offer a sensible balance of quality and performance features with many key innovations including Sentinel™ Gold Microprorcessor Controller which displays safety information on one screen, and programmable UV timer to extend UV lamp life.

  • Ergonomic control panel lodcation
  • Energy efficient DC ECM motor with standby mode
  • Low noise
  • Stable and self-compensating flow
  • Isocide™ powder-coated
  • ULPA filter
  • Real-time airflow monitoring
  • Variety of options and accessories - support stands, germicidal UV lamps, transparent front cover
  • Both models are available in 5 different sizes.

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PCR Cabinets

PCR Cabinets - Airstream® and Streamline®

PCR cabinets are used for reagent preparation and sample preparation to minimize contamination. Each PCR cabinet provides ULPA-filtered vertical laminar flow to purge the work area of contaminants between amplifications and during preparatory procedures. An integrated UV lamp enables rapid decontamination of the work zone between experiments and prevents cross-contamination. Both the Airstream® and the Streamline® PCR Cabinets offer true vertical laminar airflow with a large filter covering the entire work zone within the cabinet for better protection against cross contamination, as compared to conventional dead-air boxes.

  • Greater protection against contamination from the ambient environment and cross-contamination within main chamber
  • High quality polyester pre-filter and main HEPA filter
  • Built-in UV lamp with timer
  • Sentinel™ Microprocessor controller
  • Available in 0.6M, 0.9M and 1.2M size models
  • A range of support stands are available.

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Powder Weighing Balance Enclosure

Powder Weighing Balance Enclosure - Powdermax™ 

The unique design of the Powdermax ensures balance stability to 4 decimal places is maintained, without compromising containment. Designed specifically for powder containment applications, the Powdermax enclosure employs carefully directed inward airflow at the face of the enclosure to protect the operator from exposure to hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds.

  • Aerodynamically design reduces airflow turbulence
  • Enhanced usability and efficiency
  • A bright, easy-to-read LCD display provides continual monitoring
  • Ergonomically designed apertures for hands provide maximum protection
  • Audible and visual alarms ensure operator and environmental protection
  • State-of-the-art filtration system - all exhaust air is HEPA-filtered
  • High quality enclosure construction.

The Powdermax is available with a number of options and accessories and comes in 2 sizes, 0.9m (PW-3A1) and 1.2m (PW-4A1).

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Remote Wireless Alarm - PROtect Monitoring System

PROtect Monitoring System

PROtect is a wireless, or cable remote monitoring/alarm system for any brand of fridge and freezer, oven, CO2 incubator or standard incubator. RF transmitters are available in single or dual channels for temp, humidity, CO2, particle counting etc.

  • Real time monitoring system
  • Do not require dedicated power source (utilise a long-life user replaceable battery)
  • Designed to work 24/7 and comply to ISO 17025, ISO 15189 and 21 CFR part 11
  • Comprehensive range of different system models are available.
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A world leader in the development and manufacture of premium health and safety protection solutions, including surgical gloves and examination gloves, Ansell is a brand synonymous with premium quality, optimal protection and superior comfort. Ansell’s focus on innovation to deliver premium quality hand protection solutions for healthcare professionals, has resulted in Ansell’s medical gloves setting the standard in the healthcare industry.


Gloves - Protective (Laboratory)

Protective Gloves designed for use in Medical and Research Laboratories and Cleanroom regulated environments. A wide variety of disposable and reusable options are available including:

  • Gammex® PF DermaPrene® - powder free neoprene for latex and chemical sensitivity
  • Gammex® PF - powder free latex
  • Gammex® PF HydraSoft® - moisturising powder free
  • Gammex® PF Micro-Thin™ - powder free latex with polymer lining
  • Gammex® PF Sensitive - powder free sterile
  • Nutex® Derma Shield® - polymer coated powder free
  • Encore® Orthopaedic - natural rubber latex powder free.

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Radiation Attenuation Gloves are a speciality range of gloves designed for providing radiation protection. These surgical gloves are lead free and are made with bismuth oxide in natural rubber latex to protect your hands without compromising on dexterity and conform.

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View the Ansell 'Fit For Purpose' - hand protection in life sciences flyer here.

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MUN Australia

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Manufacturers of gloves for premium hand protection to suit all applications.


Gloves - Protective (Latex)

GloveOn® (by MUN) Latex Gloves Range

GloveOn® gloves are a premium name in hand protection and are engineered with the greatest precision, reliability and attention to detail. All latex gloves are powder free, non-sterile and come in a range of different styles.

  • Ridley - Standard cuff, colour, textured, colour - natural
  • Wickham - Extended cuff, colour - natural
  • Innova - Standard cuff, textured, and smooth, colour - natural
  • Innova Polymer Coated - Standard cuff, textured, colour - natural.

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